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Post  mama_covington on Mon Jun 25, 2012 3:45 pm

Ok, so Im curious... My mom is a HUGE Tim McGraw fan (she loves Luke as well) and has a tote full of Tim related paraphernalia (pictures, towels, drum sticks, countless pictures together and autographs) not to mention she got him to autograph her arm which she went and got tattooed the next day.

So, I got to thinking, if you could have ANY Luke item, what would it be and why. OR what is your favorite thing you've gotten from him?

For me, it was getting Luke's guitar pick. He tossed it to me during "Drunk On You"!!!! I bruised my elbow and arm to get it since it fell over the rail. but I was on cloud 9 to have it. I also got his cup after the show (strange i know but w/e, its Luke!)
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